Allows visualization of colour schemes on your own photos

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 Digital Car Painter Program

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Digital Car Painter is a unique PC application that allows the user to digitally visualize what any color or paint scheme will look like on their car. NOTE  – The Program will not work on an Apple device!

The application allows the user to do this on one of their own photographs which empowers using the program on any object that can be photographed. Use your imagination, it could be used with ….

  • Boats, Aircraft and Golf Carts
  • Highway Semi’s and Clothing
  • Houses, Rat Rods and Limo’s
  • Hot Rods and Skidoos
  • Motor cycles and dragsters
  • In short if you can photograph it  – you can use the program to design a paint scheme or simply visualize what a different color would look like!

As delivered the program comes in trial mode and while completely operational  for design work it is restricted to only two pre-selected colors and does not allow saving your work. The trial period is for 7 days or 17 sessions which ever comes first. You can purchase a lifetime license for $15.00 Cdn from within the trial program at any point during or after the trial period.

Your License allows the program to be installed on up to three work stations.

Please note the download is the installer and when run, there will be a delay at one point in the install process while the installer downloads the actual program and any necessary Microsoft run time routines in the event that your PC is missing them. Don’t Panic – Be Patient.

 All if this happens automatically and behind the scenes.

Sound Good?

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Watch this short Video to review the download and installation process.

Digital Car Painter User Manual

Free Download

Be sure to download a free copy of the Digital Car Painter Users Manual as it will help you get the most out of using the program.

Topics covered include …..

  • Installation procedure
  • Licensing procedure
  • Examples of both good and bad photographs 
  • Detailed explanation of how to take a  good usable photograph to achieve optimum results with the program.
  • Examples of both good and bad photographs 
  • Identifying and isolating the object in the photograph that you wish to work with.
  • Fine tuning the object selection so as to ensure that portions that are not to be painted remain untouched.
  • Working with shapes to enhance or design a multi colored  paint scheme
  • Refining  shapes to accurately follow contour lines
  • Hints for adding small detailed shapes – as in pin stripes etc.

All in all If you download the program you owe it to yourself to download the manual as well in order to allow yourself the best possible chance of achieving the results you seek.

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The manual will open up as PDF that can be printed or saved to your computer.